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Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is providing special place for protecting tigers. One of the 9 project tiger reserves in India, the place is hub of huge wild cats. Established in 1931, sprawling over 87,420 hectares, this National Park is located in Karnataka, it became a national park in 1941 and tiger reserve in 1973.

National Park Bandipur provides natural habitat for around 70 Royal Bengal Tigers, 3000 Indian elephants, leopards, dholes, gaur and sloth bears. Along with wild life, this park is also popular for sandalwood trees, rare species of timber and bamboo tree. This wild vegetation is quite helpful for those want to explore natural beauty as well. For photographers and wild life lovers, Bandipur national park Karnataka will offer variety of wild creatures and dangerous wild life to click.

Once a personal After the Save Tiger project, this place became the recommendable forest to watch tigers. With 70 royal tigers which are popular for their tall and long length found only in India. This royal majesty is considered as the most powerful mammoth in any forest. To watch and click it the most ferocious royals who stays in open and does not fear anything can be the most exciting moments in your life.

To explore the vicinity there are jeep and elephant safaris available in the park. In case you have decided to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Bandipur national park Karnataka; elephant safari can be the most suitable option.The climatic condition in this region remains moderate throughout the year. The temperature always ranges from 24 degree centigrade to 28 except in winter. In winter the mercury dips to 19 degree. You could get showers between the months of June to September every year.

Also pocket friendly tour packages are easily available in online portals where the tourists and people interested in visiting the park can opt for. As far as temperature is concerned, since it is quite varying and changes in April to September and November to December. But after heavy rains, chances of good wildlife sightings become quite a slim as animals only come to lake when water sources inside the forests get dried up. Established in 1950, it became Tiger Reseve in 1978.

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