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Corbett National Park

The famous national park in north India is Corbett There are many Bollywood films are based on the Corbett national park India. This park is popular for wild cats and save tiger project. It was established in the year 1936 and a tiger reserve in the year 1973. Previous known as Hailey national park which was later renamed to Corbett national park India. Corbett is famous for tigers, elephants and leopards spread in 52,082 hectares. Due to the river dam of Kalagargh, the park is a low valley land

The major wild life attractions of the Sariska national park are Every weekend this national park is filled with tourist and wild life photographers. Sometimes, to enter the Corbett gate, tourist waits in long queue since 4am in the morning. This national park is one of the favorite wild life sanctuary destinations for every north Indians.

The forest is dense with moist deciduous the dominant tree, sal, shisham, khair and chauras trees including many known and known green herbs. Among all the tiger reservoirs, Corbett is the first and the most crucial national park which witnessed the decrease in the population of tigers tremendously in few years. Main reason was hunting and the international demands for its skin.

Corbett National Park caters broadly four types of wild life; mammals birds, reptiles and fishes. In mammals tigers, elephant and leopards caters the biggest population whereas there are 580 species of birds found in the park. In reptiles Indian pythons and cobras are the major attraction.

The Corbett national park India is popular for tigers but the white tigers the main tourist attractions. This specie of tigers was brutally hunted once which leads to its extinction. However with project tiger in 20th century aided by wild life fund, this rare species was secured. Today, this rare species exists only in India and in few other countries of the world.

This national park is the hottest tourist attraction in North. There are plenty of tour packages staring from quite pocket friendly prices. There are special offers for corporate and groups who want to spend a great time here. Resorts are completely occupied with every modern requirement and well connected to the urban lives. To spend the minimum time in Corbett national park, you require at least three days and two nights. Rest is up to your pocket and exploring thrust. Elephant Safari will offer you every excitement and thrills while venturing into the forest.

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