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Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary that is situated amidst the lake and on an island. Not only the varieties of the birds are there to enthrall you but the flora and fauna of the place are also very exciting to see.

With heavenly beauty and lush greenery, Kumarakom Sanctuary, is one of the favorite tourist destinations in India for all the nature lovers. Located on the bank of Vembanad Lake this bird sanctuary is a home of numerous bird species. Spread over around 14 acres of land this Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary in Kerala is a paradise for the people who have a great interest in local and migratory birds. This place has a beautiful island amidst the lake with name Pathiramanal and which can access only by boat, is a home for the variety of rare birds.

Not only the birds but the scenic beauty of the place also attracts tourists to this place. The mangrove forests, paddy field and swaying coconut groves create an enchanting sound to attract the people to the place which with the gust of wind that carry the fragrance of blooming lilies and other wild flower do the remaining spell to trap them to the place for ever. Bear elephants, wild pigs, leopards, tigers, Niligiri tahr, deer monkeys and more animal roam around fearlessly and this mangrove forest is also a home for the reptiles like Pythons, Cobras, Rattle snakes etc. You can see beautiful and rich is hues butterflies on the flowers near the lake but don’t let it fool you as deep in this lake are the deadly crocodiles as well playing hide and seek with the number of fishes and other water creatures.

Not only the picturesque beauty of the place and the flora and fauna are what attract tourist to this place but this Bird Sanctuary in Kerala is also known for the large variety of bird species that you will witness here. This place is a paradise for bird lovers and you can find a great number of migratory birds from India and as well as Siberia. From Himalaya to various other places this birds Sanctuary is a favorite destination for all the migratory birds and therefore for ornithologists as well. Teal, larks, parrots, wood beetle, flycatchers, cranes etc are the birds that you can see in their respective migratory seasons but still there are some birds like cuckoo, egret, owls, ducks, fowls, herons and more are there in this Sanctuary. The best way to enjoy the flora, fauna and the panoramic beauty of Kumarakom is by taking boat to the island.

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