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Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Summary – Mayani Bird Sanctuary is one of those bird sanctuaries in India that offers you the largest variety of flora and fauna. Animal and bird lovers often visit this place to quench their thrust of knowledge.
If you are a bird lover, and want to see more than 400 species of birds at one place, a place that is rich in flora and fauna, that can offer you very picturesque beauty and is well equipped with the modern infrastructure, This Sanctuary should be the next in your trip plans. Mayani Bird Sanctuary Maharashtra is one of the most sought after bird sanctuary of India. It is located near Satara district of state Maharashtra. This sanctuary has a niche of various small and big animals. The wet ecosystem has given an opportunity to a large variety of flora and fauna to flourish in this place.

Animal lovers, birds’ lovers, students and ornithologist come to this place to quench their thrust for knowledge and also this place is a best tourist destination for the people who want their vacation to be thrilling and exciting. Aquatic plants, dry plants and various other varieties of plants are not unusual here. At this place you will find a large variety of plant species and larger variety of birds as well. Mayani Bird Sanctuary is a home for around 400 species of birds which include the resident birds of Mayani Bird Sanctuary Maharashtra and the migratory birds from all over the India, as it is shown in the survey of 2005 census. This fact attracts the population of ornithologist from all over the world to this place and also it has made this sanctuary a most popular tourist destination for all the bird lovers.

Talking about the birds in Mayani, there are a number of migratory birds that you can expect here like Brahminy ducks, Black ibis, painted stork, kingfisher, coot, common spoon bill, northern shoveler etc. One of the best attractions of this place is the Siberian cranes and the flamingos are also what people come to see here. There is some specific time of the year when you can see these flamingos and the migratory period of these birds attracts the largest crowd of birdwatchers to this place at that time. Apart from these Siberian and Indian migratory birds there is a huge variety of local birds that you can find here throughout the year. These birds are multihued and of different shapes, sizes and textures. November to January is though the best time to visit the Bird Sanctuary Maharashtra and because of the modern amenities it is equipped with, you will never find any kind of discomfort in the whole trip.

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