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Periyar national Park

Tired of same shopping malls and coffee houses at heavy urbanized areas the adventure lovers looking out for a vacation spot this season can make Periyar National Park their holiday destination. Situated at down south west region of India, amidst heavy greens engulfed with flora and fauna, the park is located at Kerala. Surrounded in an area of 5500 hectares, the national park is one of the richest habitats of mammals and combined with excellent cover of with the nourishment of succulent grass and shooters, the animal lovers too can enjoy a date on the nature’s lap.

A mix of deciduous semi evergreen and evergreen cover of forests are just eye soothing and can make the day for the family or friends’ enjoying at spot. Though a little far from North India, the resident of South India can definitely enjoy the time here during short span of holidays. Well, if large mammals and greens could raise the eyebrows of adults, the stuff is also there for children with lovely and beautiful birds encompassing the area. Starting from Giant Hornbill, Cormorant, Darter, Osprey and Racket tailed drongo, the rich bird life just soothes and gives the real feel of forest life thus relaxing tourist from urban life.

The Periyar National Park Kerala is a hub of tiger reserve with 49 species of mammals, 265 species of birds, 36 types of reptiles with 12 species of amphibians along with 35 and 160 species of fishes and butterflies respectively which have been identified till date. However, while above mentioned species are a part of fauna, the flora includes beautiful and eye catching combination of teak, rosewood, mango, jamun, tamarind, banyan, papal, gulmohar, bamboo and many others. Around various resorts and comfortable hotels, the tourists need not worry about the stay whereabouts.

Also pocket friendly tour packages are easily available in online portals where the tourists and people interested in visiting the park can opt for. As far as temperature is concerned, since it is quite varying and changes in April to September and November to December. But after heavy rains, chances of good wildlife sightings become quite a slim as animals only come to lake when water sources inside the forests get dried up. Established in 1950, it became Tiger Reseve in 1978.

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