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Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuary

The ever increasing popularity of India seems to have emerged as the biggest threat to all other hot tourists destinations of the world; as the tourism industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds and therefore, India has stunned the whole world; the way it has fast been climbing the popularity meter.

The Tourism industry in India is well poised on the path of becoming the most preferred tourist hotspots in the world. The latest concluded surveys attribute world class facilities; some of the best luxurious hotels and developed infrastructure as great array of reasons that altogether are attracting tourists from all parts of the worlds to India. Therefore, amused by these latest facts; tourism departments and state governments have started various ambitious projects to cast the image of the country as an ideal tourist destination.

Even in India Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuary is quite favourite among the travel enthusiasts for the scintillating array of cultural diversity and magnificent landscapes that state have to offer to the tourist buffs. Moreover, Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuary is also popularly called as the land of palaces and forts. Therefore, with so many places of tourist attractions, Rajasthan is fast emerging as one of the frequently visited states by the local and foreign travellers in India. Wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan are catching the fancy of the wild life admirers; as these sanctuaries are homes of wide variety of animal and bird species.

Ranthambore national park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary boast of being the homes for some rare of the rarest species that are not found anywhere else in the world. Therefore, beyond any doubt; these wildlife sanctuaries are largely contributing in escalating the popularity of Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuary on tourism map. Even, the recently held studies also affirm the fact that cashing on the rising popularity; the state government is emphasizing on the need of developing best of the best facilities to take the ever increasing popularity to the next level.

Ranthambore National Park is specifically famous for providing natural habitat to the fast vanishing royal animals; lion and tigers as the prized possessions. The population of tiger and lions are rapidly diminishing and with very few left in the world; the situation is very alarming and therefore, state government and forest department have joined hands to launch crusade against the poachers and hence kick started several projects to protect our national pride.

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