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Sariska National Park

The tourists coming to Rajasthan the land of camel, not only will have to spend time shopping ethnic products, but adventure lovers can spot to Sariska to enjoy their holiday. Sariska national park India was established in the year 1982, however it was already declared as the wild life sanctuary in the year 1985 and the tiger reserve in 1979.

The major wild life attractions of the Sariska park are the four-horned deer, carecal and leopard. For the bird watchers it consisted of several native and migratory birds such as kingfisher, vultures, peafowl, tree pies, quails etc. National Park Sariska India has the largest population of peafowl birds visit Sariska National Park.

Rest of the animals which contributes in making it a dangerous wild sanctuary are the Bengal tigers, jungle cat, wild boar, hyena,jackal, nilgai, fox etc. Here you can have a complete view of thick and vast forest. Elephant safari will provide you the most comfortable and exploring option in viewing the park, spread across a wide square kilometers. However in Sariska National Park, jeep safari will be time saving and will provide protection from the hard and scorching sun shines. Therefore, do not forget to carry sun glasses.

In between the months of February to May the visibility of the wild life increases. In these months, water resources are the best place where tourists can find variety of wild animals due to the shortage of water. However, from April to June, are the recommendable months by the locals guides to watch the wild life beauties.

The nearest location from where you can reach the National Park Sariska India is Alwar, and Jaipur is the nearest Airport. Secondly, Sairska is well connected to every city in Rajasthan. To enjoy this national park, you must have 8 days in hand. The pocket friendly tour packages will offer you the best suitable deals. The packages can be customized as per the budget and days you want to stay back in Sariska.


All the packages include the luxurious resorts with best meal offers. Every resort is completely equip with swimming pool, health club, money exchange, baby sitting facilities etc. Making a decision to explore the Sariska national park in India summer vacation with family could be the best holiday plan.

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