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Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Winter are the best to visit any bird sanctuary as this is the time when you can witness the largest variety of birds including the migratory birds. It is same with Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary Haryana, which is at its best after the monsoon and in the starting months of winter.

Declared as a water bird reserve back in 1972, Sultanpur is one of the most popular bird sanctuaries in India. The marsh which is converted into a water body is giving shelter to numerous species of local birds and some migratory birds from Siberia as well. This Bird Sanctuary also attracts flocks of European geese as a promising shelter. And at the time of winter when along with the local and resident birds the migratory birds from the Himalaya to Siberia flap their wings in the soothing water of the Bird Sanctuary, it become the most attractive scene for all the nature lovers and ornithologists.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is situated around 46 KM far from Delhi and is in state Haryana. Well connected with Delhi and Gurgaon this park is an artificial water body that nestled a number of water birds in it. The best time to visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary Haryana is the winter. This is the time when after monsoon the water level at lake has increased up to satisfactory level to entertain the resident birds and also this is the time when the birds from the northern part of country, Siberia and Europe migrate to this place. This is the best time when you can witness the largest number of species of the birds from all around the world at a single place, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary in India.

Both resident and migratory birds offer you a spectacular view at the peak season and that is in winter. You can expect to see the migratory geese, Siberian cranes, pelicans, flamingos, ruddy shelducks, cranes, bar headed geese, grey lags, gadwalls, mallards, pochards, shovellers, teals in the winters. And there are lots of resident birds like plovers, red wattled lapwings, herons, cormorants, white ibis, spoon bills, painted storks, and more that you can expect to see at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary almost any time of the year. The large number of birds that you can find in this water body makes this place lively and with panoramic view that the beautiful flora offers you here makes this bird Sanctuary a perfect picnic spot. You can visit this place any time in the year and it will offers you the most exciting view but if you want to visit Sultanpur Haryana for bird watching specifically, winters are the best for you to make the trip.

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